Luggage (Soft Case)

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TOSCA is an iconic Australian luggage and travel goods brand that celebrates the Nation’s great diversity, keen sense of adventure and love of travel. Since 1960, the Brand has drawn inspiration from the rugged landscape and its modern and robust capital cities.

TOSCA Travelgoods continues to produce high quality travel goods and accessories that are functional, stylish and compelling. TOSCA delivers a stylish and modern collection of soft case luggage and bags, to suit travellers of all types. Young, old and the fashion conscious, TOSCA Travelgoods has a case that suits your style.

Choosing a lightweight suitcase is key to enjoying a smooth trip. The TOSCA So Lite 3.0 is the premium lightweight luggage choice for travellers of all ages. Here at TOSCA, we continue to concentrate on innovative design and construction when developing our lightweight luggage lines.