3 Hacks Every Business Traveler Needs to Know November 23, 2016 – Posted in: Travel, Travel Tips

Travelling for business is never as fun as travelling for pleasure, especially when you have to combine laptops and other devices with long flights. Not only that, but packing light is always easier said than done, especially when you need what feels like half of your office tucked into your luggage. There are a few ways you can have all your business travelling necessities in the one place without having to check in extra luggage. Our top three hacks for business travelers are as follows:

Organise and Prioritise

Pack strategically. Things like back up chargers for phones and laptops are a must, and need to be easily accessible. If you want to do some work in between flights, pack a portable Wi-Fi device so you don’t have to depend on unreliable or expensive airport Wi-Fi.

When staying overnight in a hotel, only pack the toiletries they won’t supply, meaning you can leave the bulky bottles of shampoo at home! Also, a small sized toothbrush and a pack of facial wipes never goes unused on long or multiple flights.

Use Suitable Carry On

Travelling with only carry on luggage saves you time waiting in line and checking bags. Carry on luggage that acts as a mobile office is perfect for many short business trips. All of our carry on luggage meet airline size restrictions, and have wheels so you don’t have to drag around a bulky suitcase. Pick a luggage option with compartments for storage for a laptop and A4 sized documents, so you can easily access your things mid flight.  The TOSCA Prime Lite is the perfect Business Traveler’s Carry-On companion, it’s unique top loading compartment allowing easy access to your stored laptop or tablet.

Protect your Belongings

Travellers can be easy targets for fraud and scams, especially when in a foreign country. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to the chips in credit cards and passports that contain important information, and people are now able to access and steal this information up to 30 feet away. Protect your money and identity with RFID blockers, because let’s be honest, your trip will be a lot more grueling if someone manages to get their hands on your credit cards! These blockers can be inbuilt into backpacks, passport holders and travel wallets.

To avoid theft, we recommend  RFID Passport Wallets, Backpack Trolleys and Notebook Backpacks.

For all your business travel needs, see our Tosca Business Range .

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