Your Carry-On Cheat Sheet – Everything you need to know February 5, 2018 – Posted in: Travel, Travel Tips

Planning a winter escape? Start with your luggage.

Selecting the correct piece of luggage and strategically filling it with the essentials is key for a smooth journey to your holiday destination.

For long flights or multiple stop overs, your carry-on luggage acts as your life raft, so it is important to fit it out with everything you need to get you from A to B.

Choosing the correct carry-on

First things first; you need carry-on luggage suitable for both your journey and the destination. If you are travelling overseas, a bigger carry-on bag is a better investment, as you will be relying on it a lot more than if you are headed on a short interstate flight.

If you are filling your luggage up with heavy items, then a carry-on suitcase with a handle and wheels is ideal, such as the X-Traveller, Evolution or Prime Lite.

Before you make your purchase, check the luggage size requirements with your airline to prevent any nasty excess fees when you check in.

What to pack

With winter just around the corner, travellers need to prepare for delays due to bad weather, which can mean lengthy, boring hours sprawled across uncomfortable airport seating. To ensure you make the most of an inconvenient situation, pack the following: bottled water, snacks, a warm jumper, toiletries such as face wipes and a toothbrush/paste, a book or iPod, and cash in case you give in to the temptation of the vending machine, or the luring chocolates on display in the airport newsagency.

Free up room in your carry-on by wearing your bulkiest items onto your flight, such as thick jackets and heavy shoes. If the only piece of luggage you are taking is your carry-on, use vacuum seal bags for your clothing, allowing you to fit more in while protecting your items from moisture.

Protect your belongings

It can be a big bad world out there, and nothing will ruin your holiday faster than falling victim to theft. Luckily, your luggage has your back. Select a carry-on with built in RFID, which will prevent the details from your credit cards or passport being stolen, as well as Smart Zip locking security for front pocket compartments.

To ensure you find the correct carry-on luggage suited to your trip, talk to us at TOSCA.

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