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Just like smart phones, cars, and other technological inventions, luggage has also evolved over time. Gone are the days of bulky carry-ons, difficult suitcases and wheels with a mind of their own.

Today’s luggage is jam packed full of cleverly designed features in order to accommodate the needs of the modern traveler. Things like laptop compartments and RFID blockers were unheard of in the past, but now are necessary elements we look for when purchasing luggage.

However, the suitcase had a humble beginning.

The word luggage comes from the word ‘lug’, meaning ‘to drag’, which was established way back in the late 1500’s.

Whereas the first suitcases were made from cowhide in the 1800’s, today’s suitcases are created from a variety of available materials, all of which are designed to be lightweight yet durable. From evolving into a trunk and then case, luggage has adapted to several forms over time.

By the mid 1900’s, suitcases took a huge step forward. Instead of being created for the soul purpose of carrying clothes, luggage design now branched out to accommodate items of different shapes, including smaller personal items such as cameras and books. Since then, things picked up pace. Wheels were added in 1970, followed by the first extendable handle in 1989.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing. In 2007, a suitcase was released that can be transformed into a bicycle, which didn’t go on to be a best seller, proving that sometimes the simple designs are the best ones.

Tosca have been making and selling luggage since 1960, and have estimated to have sold over 30,000,000 pieces of luggage since then.

For the ideal suitcase to meet your 21 st Century needs, we have a range of diverse luggage suited to every type of traveler, from compact carry-ons, to large family sized suitcases.

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