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Tote bags are an extremely versatile option when it comes to travel bags. Ideal for for short trips, work and play, tote bags are big enough to fit all your must have items without taking up too much space. TOSCA Travelgoods is here to assist you choose the best tote bag for travel.

Lightweight and easy to carry, tote bags or ‘duffle bags’ are the ‘great all-rounder’.  You can take these bags anywhere, be it a short overnight stay, weekend getaway or camping trip . Small to medium sized tote bags also double as a great bag for work, study and the gym, fitting all your must-have items without weighing you down. (see the TOSCA Vegan Leather Tote Bag)

Choosing the best tote bag for travel will depend most on the length of your trip, the type of trip and most importantly, how much you like to pack! Then there’s material, size, storage, versatility, durability and comfort that form part of the purchase process.

The perfect travel companion!

Tote bags are a great alternative to hard case trolley cases (carry on) or backpacks and are designed to fit as much as you can comfortably carry.  Tote bags come in many shapes and sizes and are made from strong materials.  Tote bags with wheels provide you with even greater flexibility! Whether you’re looking for something small to carry on the plane, or a lightweight wheel bag option to to pull behind you, there are plenty of great tote bags to choose from.

Traditional tote bags will fit nicely in overhead compartments, allowing you to pack one bag for your trip. Carry handles allow for easy carry, whilst padded shoulder straps come in handy when having to carry it for long distances.  For longer and more extensive travel, a tote bag with wheels and/or back straps is the more logical solution (see the TOSCA So Lite 3.0 Wheel Bag).

Tote bags are great for two bag travel

Whether its by preference or necessity, travelling with two bags is common place. Usually a combination of hard and soft luggage, the tote bag is the perfect option for your second luggage item.  If you have a lot of stuff and zero patience in organising it,  you will love a duffle bag. Simply throw all of your unfolded clothes into the main bucket, zip it all up, and you’re away!

Road trips!

Totes and Duffle Bags make terrific road trip bags not only because they can hold a lot without much fuss, they are pretty good at fitting into an already packed boot.  They can fit into any nook or cranny, rest below feet or stacked on top of each other pretty easily, allowing you to fit the more important items in like golf clubs, fishing rods and body boards.

What size do I need?

The size of your tote bag will depend on how much stuff you want to put in it!​ Unlike a suitcase with a fixed size, duffle bags are versatile and can be squished down to fit those extra items in.  A good travel tote bag will have front, side compartments or external pockets so you can easy access items you need too quickly.

Our advice, purchase a bag that will fit what you will need to pack!


Tote bags come in various shapes and sizes and made from different materials.  The type of travel will determine the best tote bag for you.  If you’re camping, water resistant and durable material is a must (check out the Bells Beach Canvas Barrel Bag).  Getting on a plane; a tote bag with a large main compartments, zippered front or side pockets, lockable pull zippers, padded shoulder straps are features you should be looking for.

For those looking to add sustainability into their decision process, vegan leather is a more sustainable option to traditional leather and canvas offerings.  Australian owned TOSCA is one company who has introduced vegan leather bags and travel goods into its product range (check out the Vegan Leather range here).


There are so many ways to haul your luggage – wheels, carry handles, shoulder strap or combination of all of the above. Wheeled duffle and tote bags allow you to travel comfortably in all situations.  If its versatility you’re after, look no further than a wheeled duffle bag. Trips where you will find yourself walking more often, or having to take items with you (conference for example or multiple country visit), wheeled duffle bags are the go!

Tip: Embarking on a long trip? Avoid budget wheeled duffle bags, as weeks of wheeling will severely test them.

Tote bags are a great choice when it come to purchasing your next travel bag.  They are so versatile and that’s what makes them the ideal choice.  They can be your gym bag one day or used for your child’s school camp the next!

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