So Lite 3.0

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Choosing a lightweight suitcase is key to enjoying a smooth trip. The TOSCA So Lite 3.0 is the premium lightweight luggage choice for travellers of all ages.  The So Lite 3.0 is one of the lightest soft-case luggage cases in the Australian market. Shop lightweight luggage right here!

The So-Lite 3.o’s deluxe jacquard construction ensures a feather light pick up and exceptional protection for your packed belongings. The So Lite 3.0 is flexible, durable, stylish and is perfect for those travellers looking to travel light.

Expanders on all sizes allow you to squeeze in those additional purchases along the way. Available in multiple colours, including the new Paisley pattern, the So Lite is the obvious choice for those looking to purchase lightweight luggage. Shop lightweight luggage now!