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Welcome to the first edition of TOSCA Talking Travel, where we chat with celebrities, sportsman, travel bloggers and everyday people about their travelling experiences, favourite spots and much more.

Our first guest is ‘Flat Out Mum’ Olivia Anderson.

What are your go-to travel gadgets?

When we are travelling as a family, the boys Ipad’s & portable DVD players for the plane are essentials. They are all active boys so getting them to sit still for long periods requires good distractions.

When I travel alone (like to my Retreats!) I am very happy to read or listen to podcasts (or sleep!) on the plane so the only gadget I really travel with is my phone.

Favourite holiday destination and why?

I’d have to say Bali. We love somewhere warm and if we have a pool, the boys are in it as much as they can. We love the relaxed atmosphere of Bali and the beautiful people who make your stay on the island so hospitable and memorable. Bali has a great combination of activities as well as relaxation. We can take the boys bike riding, to water parks, the beach and to absorb the culture. Bali also has world class restaurants, great healthy food options of course, my favourite the pampering! You can live like a Princess on a budget!

Tips for travelling with kids – and more specifically four boys.

Take as few suitcases as possible as I find the airports and transit the most stressful part of travelling. We put all of our belongings into two X-Travellers to wheel around and then the boys each have an individual back pack for the plane / their own quirky travel essentials. Besides their Ipads, we pack some activities for them to do (they each have a little zip lock bag of things to keep themselves busy that are age appropriate). Plus some healthy snacks & lots of water within easy access.

Besides packing well, you must plan well and keep expectations low on what the kids can handle, especially when they’re young. Expect tiredness and some complaints and anything better than that is a bonus!

Where was your last family holiday?

Byron Bay. Over Christmas we stayed just out of Byron on a property we found on Air BnB. It had heaps of space and a pool and it was close to where my sister lives with her 3 boys who are a similar age to ours. It was a non stop action packed boys holiday centered around the kids, nothing too fancy. We ended each day exhausted, but happy.  Family time with minimal distractions is the aim.

Most important item in your suitcase?

Besides a passport, it is bathers! I’d hope to be going somewhere warm and relaxing so casual beach attire suits our family best!

Thoughts on the TOSCA X-Traveller

As I said, I find the airport check in and waiting around in transit the hardest part of travelling so that’s why I love the large, strong Tosca X Traveller. You always need an extra hand at the airport to help with the kids and you don’t want to be over loaded with bags, so a quality suitcase on wheels is best. We put all of our belonging’s into a couple of X Travellers and that means shorter waits at the luggage carousel, plus the bright colours make them easy to spot.


Flat Out Mum

The Flat Out Mum, Olivia Anderson is a mum to 4 energetic boys, passionate about anything twins and partner to AFL Shane Crawford. Her popular blog and social profiles is full of wonderful tales and insights into how she balances a testosterone filled house with her busy business and social schedule.  Visit for further information or follow Olivia @flatoutmum.


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