Tips to Successfully Pack for Travel April 8, 2018 – Posted in: Travel, Travel Tips

Hopping on a plane and going on holiday is always exciting, but can easily seem overwhelming when trying to fit everything you need into the one suitcase. Here are our top luggage packing tips and hacks to help you breeze through the packing process, while keeping your belongings safe.

How suitable is your current luggage?

If your trusty old suitcase is looking a bit tired, and the wheels aren’t rolling as smoothly as they should, or the zippers are getting stuck, then it’s time for an upgrade. Select a lightweight piece of luggage where possible, to make it easier to meet weight restrictions. Here at Tosca, our suitcases are expandable*, so you can squeeze in that extra pair of shoes! One of our favourites is the Prime Lite range, which is lightweight, has four wheels and expanding front compartment.

Safety First

Traveling means carrying around a lot of valuable possessions at once; passport, boarding passes, credit cards, and a mobile phone. This can make you a target for theft or fraud. Protect your belongings and your identity with a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocker. Not only does it help track lost luggage, but RFID prevents the data in your passport and credit cards from being transmitted. By blocking outside sources access to your details, you are preventing identification fraud and the dangers of falling victim to payment scams.

Another wise investment is a TSA (Transport Security Administration) lock. TOSCA’s hard case luggage ranges have one one built in. These locks have a master key that is held by airport security in order to access the contents of your luggage, preventing any unnecessary breaking of your lock, and preventing anyone who doesn’t work for security from breaking in!

Need help setting your TSA Lock combination? Check out our Blog on TSA Locks.

Have Easily Identifiable Luggage

In the airport, and especially after a long flight, all of the luggage coming around on the conveyor belt starts to look the same. To make it easier for your jet lagged self, have your luggage easily identifiable. This can be done with an ID tag containing your contact details, and by tying a brightly coloured ribbon onto one of the handles – an old trick, yet still effective! Not only does it make it easier for you to spot, but also avoids anyone else mistaking your luggage as their own.

The bright, memorable colour options of the TOSCA X-Traveller will ensure you’ll never miss your luggage on the conveyor belt.  It’s certainly hard to miss our Burnt Orange and Capri numbers!

If you’re thinking of a getaway, we have everything you need to find the perfect luggage for your holiday needs.

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