TOSCA is an iconic Australian brand that celebrates the Nation’s great diversity, love of travel and keen sense of adventure. Drawing inspiration from the rugged landscape and its modern and robust capital cities, TOSCA luggage continues to produce high quality travel goods and accessories that are functional, stylish and compelling.

TOSCA luggage


Originally established in 1960 from the garage of the Smith family home in suburban Oakleigh, Melbourne, the brand has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Tom Smith, a bag maker by trade branched out on his own and began making leather kit bags and folios. He would load his Morris Minor with his handcrafted bags and drive around Melbourne cold calling on customers.

A MYER buyer noticed the bags at Melbourne’s Exhibition Buildings and purchased six bags for its flagship store in Bourke Street. Needless to say the bags sold well.

The 1960’s saw foreign travel become much more affordable, with record numbers of people travelling abroad. As the Australian appetite for travel grew, as too did TOSCA’s desire to provide a larger range of goods and accessories. TOSCA product base expanded to include luggage, bags, backpacks, attaches, business bags, purses, wallets and accessories.

TOSCA had quickly became an ‘iconic’ Australian brand, its reputation for quality, great design and service at the forefront of its success.  The companies tagline of ‘TOSCA travellers, always first class’ became part of the Australian vernacular, particularly those the who tuned into World of Sport every Sunday morning.


In 2018, TOSCA was acquired by the Australian Luggage Co, another long standing Australian family business.

Offering to a broad spectrum of the market place, importing and wholesaling a range of travel and luggage products, The Australian Luggage Co was formed in 1996.  The acquisition of the TOSCA name and their brand portfolios along with the strong market share that The Australian Luggage Company enjoy with their international licensed labels and international brands such as Eminent, will indeed rejuvenate TOSCA luggage in Australian and pacific markets.

We are committed to ensuring TOSCA will continue to be at the forefront of world luggage technology and trends.

TOSCA luggage
TOSCA Luggage


TOSCA has unveiled its refreshed identity that captures the essence of its timeless appeal. With a modern and sleek logo that stays true to its heritage, TOSCA is ready to awaken the senses and invite you to a whole new experience. Embodying strong design, sophistication, and passion, the reimagined TOSCA brand reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional products and unforgettable travel moments.

Wholesale Enquiries

The Australian Luggage Company has been wholesaling to Australian retailers since 1996. If you are a retailer and wish to stock TOSCA luggage products or travel accessories, please contact The Australian Luggage Co on (03) 9336 2388 or email