Luggage (Soft Case)

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Lightweight luggage and suitcases

TOSCA is an iconic Australian luggage and travel goods brand that celebrates the Nation’s great diversity, keen sense of adventure and love of travel. TOSCA Travelgoods continues to produce high quality travel goods and accessories that are functional, stylish and compelling. TOSCA delivers a stylish and modern collection of soft case luggage and bags, to suit travellers of all types. Young, old and the fashion conscious, TOSCA Travelgoods has a case that suits your style.

Choosing a lightweight suitcase is key to enjoying a smooth trip. The TOSCA So Lite 3.0 is the premium lightweight luggage choice for travellers of all ages. Here at TOSCA, we continue to concentrate on innovative design and construction when developing our lightweight luggage lines.

Choosing your luggage

Buying the right suitcase can help you avoid damaged luggage, airline baggage fees and other travel woes. Start by choosing your luggage wisely. TOSCA’s best advice is to stick with durable, lightweight luggage. Expandable, soft-sided luggage is a good choice if you will be adding souvenirs and other purchases to the items you originally started with.Soft luggage is easier to pack into cars, buses, and overhead compartments on planes. Our range of soft-sided luggage is designed with security in mind, with most designs featuring TSA locks. They’re also easy to manoeuvre with sturdy wheels and handles.

Whether you’re looking for a on-board luggage or a larger case for a  family holiday, TOSCA’s line of softcase luggage cases can be purchased online now. Start your adventure today and shop lightweight luggage with TOSCA!