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Sports Duffle Totes are the perfect sports bag for the weekend warrior, school camp, school or kids sporting activity. Available in three different sizes, small, medium and jumbo, TOSCA’s duffle totes and wheel bags provide plenty of options for you. Featuring internal and external zippered compartments, the TOSCA Sports Duffle Range bags is the perfect multi-purpose bag. Great for holidaying by car or train and the kids or adults weekend activities, the Sports Duffle Range is versatile bag that can be used no matter the occasion.

Sports Duffle bag with wheels

Pack away clothes and everyday essentials in a large duffle bag which features an extendible handle and wheels, perfect travel-mate for those with plenty of items to fit in.Wheel bags are made from hard-wearing fabric and have two wheels. They cope pretty well with being dragged and banged up across various surfaces. Wheeled bags not only provide easy manoeuvrability, their non-rigid design makes it far easier to load into cars and trains. Open packing spaces allows for easy access and storage of equipment. End pockets and zippered front sections provide additional and easy to access storage options. The Jumbo sized wheel bag will easily fit the pads, helmet, gloves and bat!