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Disney Bags and Luggage

Disney is one of the most successful and powerful entertainment companies in the world. Kids and adults alike will love our range of Disney inspired luggage, suitcases, bags and backpacks. With nearly 100 years’ worth of Disney animation, there are tons of great characters to choose from.

Let’s start with the world’s best-loved Disney character, Mickey Mouse. Mickey’s red shorts and big black ears have been in our lives since television was invented. At TOSCA’s online store and retail outlets we have Mickey inspired 3D backpacks, trolley backpacks, soft case luggage, hard case luggage, wallets and cosmetic bags.

Comic book and movie fans can shop a large selection of Disney themed luggage and bags, featuring their favourite Disney characters. A large selection of soft and hard case luggage is available, inspired by Frozen, Star Wars, Princesses, Encanto, Toy Story and many more. Carry-on luggage particularly will excite kids of all ages.  Backpacks, of all shapes and sizes are available, including the 3D EVA designs with moulded prints featured in the design.

Whether you love Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Anna, Elsa, Arial, Snow White or Rapunzel, there is a backpack, bag or luggage case for you.