Carry-On Luggage

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Carry On luggage

When it comes to traveling, having the right carry on luggage can make all the difference. From size and weight restrictions to durability and organisation, there are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect bag for your needs.

TOSCA delivers a stylish and modern collection of hard case and soft case, two wheel and four wheel carry-on luggage options. Young, old and the fashion conscious, TOSCA Travelgoods has a small suitcase that suits will suit your style.

Hard case small suitcases provide superior protection for your packed items. Soft-sided small suitcases are generally lighter and have convenient pockets that allow access to tickets, passports and other items.

Made from a variety of robust & lightweight materials including polycarbonate, TPO or polypropylene, their tough exteriors will withstand both weight and pressure when on the road or in the air. With 360 degree rotating wheels, manoeuvring through the terminal or across the tarmac is a breeze. Shop carry on luggage from Australia’s own luggage brand, TOSCA.

What size is Carry On Luggage

Each airline will generally have its own rules for carry-on and checked luggage. To prevent being charged for excess, overweight or oversized pieces, flyers should always check the baggage limits. This way, there should be no pre-departure surprises at the airport.

In general, your main carry-on bag must fit in the overhead lockers and not exceed 56cm (height) x 36cm (width) x 23cm (depth). Your small item must fit under the seat in front of you. In every case, your travel agent will be able to advise you of the precise allowance available.

TOSCA’s Mini Digital Luggage Scale is the perfect travel accessory to ensure you don’t exceed baggage limits.