Setting your TSA Lock

All of TOSCA’s suitcases feature integrated fixed TSA combination locks. TSA stands for the Transportation Security Administration, an agency under the US Department of Homeland Security responsible for public travel security in the United States.

Though designs may vary slightly among brands and ranges, most TSA locks operate using a similar procedure for unlocking and setting. When opening your luggage for the first time, set the dials on the lock to 0-0-0, then slide the latch to release the zip pullers from the lock. For detailed instructions on setting up and using TSA locks, refer to the information below or check out our ‘how to’ video.

Step 1:

Turn the dials to 0-0-0 to set your combination. Press the “change button” firmly with a pen (or similar).

TSA Lock


Step 2:

A *click* will be heard and the button will remain depressed. Remove the pen (or similar)

Setting TSA Lock

Step 3:

Turn the dials to your personal combination, choosing an easily remembered number. (E.g. Birthday)

Resetting your TSA lock

Step 4:

Push the “release button” inwards and the “change button” will click out to its original position. Your combination is now set.

TSA Combination Locks

*If you wish to change the combination repeat steps 2-4.

**Please also note that the keyhole alongside the lock is strictly there for the use of TSA security personal at airport locations so you will not personally have a key for this.

How to Remember the Code

Suggest you write it down and keep in a safe place (e.g. wallet or purse).
Most people have mobile phones these days so take a photo of the combination and store it in your (mobile phone or tablet)

What happens if I forget my code

We are very sorry – for security reasons the TSA lock passcode needs to be remembered. For this reason our warranty does not cover the wrong setting of combination locks or breaking into your case.


The original number is 0-0-0.

to set your own combination, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Pull the shackle to open the lock (a).
  2. Rotate the shackle 90 degrees counter-clockwise and press all the way down (b). Hold down and continue to turn another 90 degrees counter-clockwise (c).
  3. Set your own combination by turning the dials (c).
  4. Turn the shackle back as normal. Then the setting is complete.

To reset a new combination, please repeat steps 1-4 above. Please remember your new combination.

TSA Padlock