Luggage (Hard Case)

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Hard case luggage – Suitcase & Trolley Cases

TOSCA delivers a stylish and modern collection of hard case luggage and bags, to suit travellers of all types. Young, old and the fashion conscious, TOSCA Travelgoods has a case that suits your style. TOSCA products provide superior protection for your valuables whilst keeping your luggage compact, light and stylish.

Choosing the right luggage for travel

Buying the right suitcase can help you avoid damaged luggage, airline baggage fees and other travel woes. Start by choosing your luggage wisely. TOSCA’s best advice is to stick with durable, lightweight luggage. Hard-sided luggage is a great choice if you do not plan to bring back more than you left with, and have delicate items that require a sturdy container. Every item featured in TOSCA’s hardside luggage range is made from robust yet flexible materials that won’t crack under pressure. Your hard shell luggage will be able to endure anything your journey throws at it. Check out the TOSCA Leopard Print is our most popular hard luggage case, its chic design proving a bit hit with travellers.