Spider Man Backpack + Cooler Bag

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Unleash your child’s inner hero with our dynamic Spider-Man Backpack, now equipped with a detachable cooler bag for added convenience! Featuring spacious compartments, ergonomic design, and durable materials, it ensures comfortable carrying and reliable storage for all essentials. Let your little hero embark on thrilling adventures while staying refreshed and organised with this superhero-inspired backpack.

SIZE: 40cm (H) X 30cm (W) X 17cm (D) | 16″ Backpack

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Unleash the web-slinging excitement with our Spider-Man Backpack, now featuring a detachable cooler bag for added convenience! As your little hero swings into thrilling adventures, the iconic Spider-Man takes centre stage on this backpack, creating an atmosphere of thrilling escapades and superhero camaraderie.

Designed with the perfect fusion of style and functionality, the detachable cooler bag ensures that your child’s snacks remain fresh and cool throughout the day. Beyond the practicality for school days, it transforms picnics and outings into web-slinging adventures, making every mealtime a superhero spectacle. Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, the backpack provides spacious storage for all your child’s treasures. From school essentials to cherished Spider-Man trinkets, everything finds its place within this durable and lightweight companion, prepared to face the challenges of any young superhero’s journey.


Multi-compartment backpack Lightweight material
Detachable cooler bag/lunchbox Adjustable padded shoulder straps
Side drink bottle holder pockets x 2 Officially licensed

SIZE: 40cm (H) X 30cm (W) X 17cm (D), 16″ Backpack



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