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Excitement is in the air as a new collection of licensed kids backpacks hits the shelves featuring beloved characters from Disney and Marvel! At TOSCA Travelgoods, we understand the importance of infusing joy and magic into everyday moments, especially for our little ones. The new range of backpacks is designed to make the back-to-school experience truly enchanting.

Disney Delights

Step into the enchanting world of Disney with backpacks adorned with iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, Elsa, and Princesses. The vibrant designs and high-quality materials ensure that these backpacks capture the hearts of young Disney enthusiasts. From kindergarten to elementary school, these backpacks are the perfect companions for every adventure.

Marvel Heroes

For those with a penchant for superheroes, our Marvel range showcases Spider-Man and Avengers, among others. These backpacks are not just accessories; they’re a source of inspiration for little ones with big dreams. Let your child’s imagination soar with the heroic designs and empowering messages featured on these Marvel backpacks.

Cooler Lunch Box Bonus

One standout feature of our new range is the inclusion of detachable cooler lunch boxes. Perfect for those just starting out at school, these lunch boxes keep meals fresh and easily attach to the backpack. It’s a convenient solution for parents and a fun way for kids to showcase their favourite characters during lunchtime.

Back to School Backpacks

The perfect blend of style and functionality. These backpacks are crafted with young learners in mind, offering spacious interiors and numerous compartments to keep school essentials organised. The roomy design ensures ample space for books, stationery, and more, while the multiple compartments cater to various storage needs. The backpacks also prioritise comfort with padded shoulder straps, providing optimal support during those busy school days.

Shop with Confidence

When you choose TOSCA Travelgoods, you’re not just purchasing a backpack; you’re investing in quality, style, and the joy of childhood. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that every backpack undergoes stringent quality checks, providing peace of mind for parents.

Bring a touch of magic to the upcoming school year with our new range of licensed kids backpacks from Disney and Marvel. From the enchanting world of Disney to the heroic universe of Marvel, these backpacks are designed to inspire, excite, and accompany your child on their educational journey. Visit our online store now and let the adventure begin!

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